Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Writer and Her Workspace

Originally, I had some photos of my workspace posted.  But since someone thought my desk looked a little too neat, I decided to take a few pics of its messier status.  Now, I tried to edit the original post and move some things around, but technology doesn't like me very much, so I wound up removing the whole ball of wax.

And now I have to use my brain to remember the lovely words I'd posted.  Of course, I can't recall, so I'll just have to wing it.  I believe I explained that in its neatest condition, my desk holds a dictionary, a fancy can with some pens and pencils, a laptop computer supported by a dohickey thing which elevates it so I don't burst my neck muscles, a stapler and a few Avon books (my other money-making venue).

In its messier condition, you'll see some other items such as a Kathy coffee mug, a water bottle, a magazine, a bunch of papers, yet another cup of pens and pencils, my mouse and now a brand new phone.  Nearby is my printer.

And what good is a workspace without the writer working in it.

If all goes well, the photos will magically appear once I'm finished typing this.  Cross your fingers I do this right.

What does your workspace look like?


  1. That's more like it!!! :D

    A real desk! ;)


  2. Adam: I'm glad you like my mess.

    Shadowferret: Hi there! This desk belonged to my parents so I am assuming it's pretty old. I think it was Pat on AW who said she thinks it looks like an antique.

  3. Yes, much better, but still not as much of a disaster as mine. I seriously would crawl in a hole if I posted pictures of my work space. But, I'm inspired now to get the clutter under control.

  4. Messy. Clean. Whatever! It's ten million times better than my love seat, which is my current workspace. I want an office so bad. Or just a desk. Yes, a desk would be so nice!

  5. Susan: Now I'm really curious to see yours!

    Amanda: I am lucky to have an office. I lived in a tiny apartment on the third floor for about 13 years. No office. I am very thankful for my house.

  6. Kinda messy. LOL But I have a laptop to write in, and I just use the desktop for blogs, internet, etc.
    You have a very nice area there. :-)

  7. Kathy - ya gotta have flair! :) Your desk is quite nice, though. I love the color of the wood. Beats my card table hands down. But, I have more fairies, so, you know...

  8. Mine looks very much like that! Except replace the coffee with chai tea. ;)

  9. My work desk is a bit of a mess. Coffee cups, tissues (used and new), books, notes, to-do lists... Bleh. Then before the hubby comes home it all gets cleaned up. LOL

  10. Thanks to all who responded.

    And, Jennifer, I know what you mean. Clean up time before husband comes home--yup, me too!