Monday, October 26, 2009

True Beauty

Okay, my final blog post about the colors of autumn.  I just need to embrace the beauty of fall before it slips away.

It's just so beautiful out there each day; sometimes I wish it would last all year long.  But then again, perhaps it would get tedious seeing the same artwork painted across the landscape day after day.

I was thinking about it the other day, the beauty of nature, how each season holds its own special beauty.  Spring gives birth to flowers, the beginning of the seasons.  We get to see everything in bloom.  Summer gives us blue skies and lots of greenery.  Fall is obviously known for bright, beautiful colors.  But how about winter?  I thought about that one for a while.  With its bare branches and loss of color, what could be beautiful about winter?  And then I thought of snow.  Whiteness has its own special beauty, blanketing trees, houses and landscapes.

So, let's celebrate fall while it's upon us.  Here are a few more samples of the awesomeness of autumn.


  1. Thanx for the beautiful pix! Wish I was there!

  2. I've loved your fall pics. Yesterday I was killing time because we were early for my son's basketball, so I drove around in this old neighborhood. The trees were so tall and absolutely gorgeous with their colorful leaves. I though of your recent posts.

  3. We had a big rain storm on Saturday and it blew a lot of the leaves away. I hurried over to County Road on Sunday because the sun was out.

    You can tell it won't be long before all the leaves are gone.

    Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad these pics have brightened your days.

  4. I love your fall photos with all the different shades of red, orange and yellow.

    Fall is often very short where I live (Fairbanks, Alaska). It is a blaze of yellow birch and aspen shortly after Labor day--no red in the forest canopy, while the understory is mostly red.

    And then the snow comes, sometimes by mid September more often the first week of October. This year is a typical, no snow yet but the leaves are long gone. And the bare birch have their own beauty, standing like Sentinels, keeping watch for winter.

  5. Gorgeous photos! The leaves here just started turning (which is late this year). So thanks for posting those pics. :)

  6. Fall has been so wet here in New England that every glimpse of sunshine on the changing colors has been a joy before winter takes a firm hold.

  7. Paul: Wow, such a short fall where you live. I bet Alaska has a lot of nice landscapes.

    Anne: You're welcome!

    Hi Margaret. You're right. We have had a lot of rain.

  8. Yes Kathy, the landscapes are beautiful. Check out the header photo on my blog if you have a chance. It's a cropped version of a picture I took from a place I hike to every fall.

    There are a few Alaska photos sprinkled in the posts. More to come in the future.

  9. Paul, I checked out your header photo--very nice!

    I'm always saying I'd like to visit Alaska. My husband hates cold weather so he won't go. He wants to go to Hawaii.