Saturday, October 24, 2009

The colors of fall

Today was very windy, leaves swirling all about, so I thought I'd better capture a few more images on camera before the trees are bare.

I found this group of trees surrounding a nearby fishing pond; they called to me as I was driving past.  I thought, "Oh, I've got to take some pics of those on my way back."

It was a bit overcast today, so the photos will reflect the lack of sunlight.  Still, I couldn't resist the colors.  In the next few days I'm hoping to get over to County Road where I saw some beautiful yellow leaves.  Just hope they haven't all blown away!

Oh, and if you click on one of the pics, you can see the larger, clearer version.


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful. :-)


  2. Wow, very nice. Down in the Deep South, the leaves have been slow to change. We're a week -- or maybe even two -- from the real glory. I'll be ready, though!

  3. That's beautiful. Thanks for posting these pictures. I feel like fall now.

  4. I'm jealous!!! Our leaves are all green still.

  5. So beautiful! We don't see colors like that in the desert. I'm jealous.