Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love writing dialogue

    I liked the idea of posting a piece of my WIP.  I've seen other writers do likewise.  The last post was a snippet of narration and description.  This time I thought I'd share a sample of my dialogue.  The following is a conversation between the main character, April, and her new boyfriend.

    “So, you’re moving in with me, right?”

            April looked up from the Arts page.  “What?”

            Kei laughed at her.  “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me, woman.”

            She stuck out her tongue at him.  “Okay, I heard you.  I just wonder where the hell that came from.”

            “From my heart, that’s where.  I think we should live together.”

            April put the newspaper down on the couch.  They were seated in his living room, sharing a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon after spending the morning in bed.  “No,” she said firmly.  “No, we should not.”

            He looked at her with those sad, puppy dog eyes he liked to use on her.  “Why not?”

            “You know why not.  I’ve been there, done that.  And look where it got me.”

            He shook his head.  “I’m not Steven.  You can’t compare me to him.  It wouldn’t be like that with me.  I’m rich, you’re rich, there’s no power struggle.  You’d be an equal partner.  I wouldn’t ask anything of you but that you love me.  I don’t want your money, I’ve got my own.  I don’t want you to wait on me or give up any of your hobbies or interests.  You can pursue anything you want and I’ll support you.  Moral support, that is.  I’m in your corner.”

She smiled at him.   “I know.  I believe that.  But you don’t understand.  I just can’t do that again.  For the first time in my life I feel free.  Free to be myself and do what I want.  Go where I want.  Live totally on my own.  I’ve never done that before.  You manage your father’s hotel.  That’s your work.  I haven’t figured out yet what I want to do.  But I’ve got time.  Lots of time.  That’s what being uber-rich does for you, Kei.  I feel like I’ve got choices now.  And no time limit.  I’m gonna get an apartment for myself and then see what happens.  You and I can go back and forth between apartments.”


  1. Hi. I've come here from Janna's blog and I've been reading a bit through yours. The eulogy made me cry, of course. Very beautiful.

    I like this fragment of your work. They talk a lot about money and being rich and I think it is just fair to be so pragmatic in a discussion about moving together. Very interesting.

  2. Thank you, Lori. I'm glad you visited me here.