Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giving Birth to a Picture Book

I made up my mind a while back to break the rules.  I've never really liked rules anyway.

I'm working on a children's picture book.  Actually, I've written a few picture books.  Once I even illustrated one and gave the finished product to my then young nephew for a birthday present.  But a published picture book?  Much harder to turn into a reality.

So I decided to publish one myself.  This is the beginning of the process.  I've written the text and selected an illustrator--my daughter.  She's minoring in art in college, knows the story since I wrote it for her years ago, and understands the concept.  It's about two young sisters, opposites--a simple story, hopefully humorous, showing two sides of what it is to be female.

I realized something from writing this picture book manuscript--it's the illustrations that are crucial to the storytelling.  The facial expressions and colors have to be right for this to work.

I also realized that there is a simplicity to this story; with a word count around 120, every single word has to count.  I know I will be revising and adapting throughout this process.  Once my daughter finishes the drawings, I'll decide which words stay and which ones go.

This is an experiment really.  And a work of love.  It's something I've always wanted to do.  It's my baby and I plan to give birth in my own way, at my own rate, and in my own home.

And I'm doing it my way, breaking rules if I feel like it.  This baby will be unlike any baby you've ever seen.


  1. Kathy,
    this is lovely to hear!
    can't wait to hear more of your progress!

    love that it's YOU who writes the rules...
    good for you!

    always great to read you!

  2. I hope to see it sometime. Best wishes!!