Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sick as a Dog and Trapped Like a Rat

It's such a bummer to be sick.  My ears are all plugged up, my throat feels like there's pieces of glass stuck in there, I can't stop coughing and I just feel like crap.

Since I don't feel well enough to go out and about I'm stuck in the house like a caged animal.  Now I know how those animals must feel.  Claustrophobia sets in along with boredom--how long can you stare at the same walls without going crazy?

So I try to keep busy writing and doing research.  But it does get lonely at times.  For a work at home writer, the key to sanity is to go out and see people at least once a day.  And I can't even call anybody on the phone since I have laryngitis.  That's one condition I hate having.  I love to sing along to songs on the radio or on a CD, but can't do it when I have no voice!

So it sucks right now.  I know I need to rest as much as possible to get over this faster.  I'm thinking of going out to buy some green tea this afternoon since I've heard it has antioxidants, something that might help out a lot.

If I can muster the strength to leave the house.  I wonder if they deliver tea?

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