Saturday, May 30, 2009

Working on My Novel

I'm trying to get back to working on my romance/erotica novel.  Hard to categorize and I hate labels.  I hate formulas, too.  It just is what it is.  This is a passage from a scene I'm working on between the main character, April, and her new boyfriend:

"He took this as a green light and moved in for a kiss.  April not only opened her mouth, but opened her heart, a risky thing indeed, far riskier than a one-night stand or living with a man who desired her but did not love her. No, this was even more dangerous because if she opened herself to him, gave everything to him, and he took it and then was gone the next day, she would be devastated.  That could not happen to April; she would not let it.  Oh, but this felt so good, so right, and her body responded to his kiss; she closed her eyes and saw a future, a reason to keep going, something to reach for, to hold onto as tightly as a string on a balloon.  She would trust him, damn it, she would have to trust him."


  1. I can feel a sense of desperation and anxiety underlying the passage.

  2. Just telling you what I get from it. :)

  3. Hi sw,

    Yes, that sums it up pretty well. This is about 100 pages into the story. She has been living with a man who is physically and verbally abusive. She has met this new guy and thinks he's too good to be true.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. I'm also hoping that everything turns out all right for her. :) Good luck!

    PS: You mentioned that you're an Avon rep... have you used the neck and chest firming cream that they have?

  5. You'll just have to read the novel to find out!

    I've used Anew Avon products. Don't remember using a chest cream.

  6. Good writing. Makes me want to read more and I'm not usually into romances. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, thank you.

    I'm hoping this novel will appeal to both males and females.

  8. Kathy - great writing!
    i'm really happy that you're enjoying!

    i like how she considers
    all of the important stuff (hearts, meaning)
    as well as her physio-emotional needs, wants.

    can't wait to read more!

    peace~ Chuck

  9. Thank you, Chuck. I am enjoying writing this novel. But sometimes it's like doing a painting; I'm afraid to put something in the wrong place and ruin it. I am a huge perfectionist.