Saturday, May 16, 2009

The female in the fedora

Let's call this Little Snippets of Life.

Scene:  Burger King

The main character:  An average height woman, slightly chunky, with light brown curly hair wearing a fedora, a black vest and black pants.  

She is standing in line behind me SINGING!  Yes, that's right, singing.  O-kay.  Singing, why?  I have no freakin' idea.  I am standing in line waiting for my turn (seems to be a busy afternoon at BK) and this young woman is standing behind me singing.  I was really tempted to turn around and look at her, but no, I didn't.  But of course I was curious.  What on earth prompts a person to suddenly break into song in a public place?  She wasn't with anyone else that she might be singing to.

Okay, I'm a very curious person.  I asked my husband what he thought about this.  He said, "She must have forgotten to take her meds today."

Maybe.  I just thought she'd make a good character for an upcoming story.

So how about you?  Have you encountered anyone recently who might make an interesting character in one of your stories?


  1. oh, that's a great story!
    she may have been placed there
    just to inspire you!

    i love eating at this one sandwich shop
    because the people are so interesting!

    if nothing else, i get to notice these little behaviors!
    all precious! all worth sharing!

    glad that you're on a good writing path!
    yea! show the world!

    peace~ Chuck

  2. All.the.time. I call 'em snapshots, and they overflow.

  3. I'm hoping I can find some other interesting people to study!

    thanks for your comments.