Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where For Art Thou, Spring?

Okay, the calendar says it's Spring now, but I think it's lying.  Sure, it is.

I've just returned from a bike ride with my daughter.  The wind was whipping through my hair, my bare hands were turning into icicles, and despite the layers of clothes I wore, my whole body was freezing.

Spring, my ass!  The first thing I reached for upon entering the house was a cup and tea bag and then to the nearby stove to boil some water.  Hot!  Gimme something hot!

I should have worn gloves.  And a hat.  But no.  I believed that calendar on the wall and ventured out thinking there'd be a nice warm sun shining down, instead of a cruel, cold, biting wind.

It's not really spring.  Only in my mind.

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