Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pain Is Such a Pain!

I have a new nature scene as my desktop and looking at it gives me a wonderful tranquil feeling.  That helps so much to lift my mood and even push aside some of the physical pain I've been experiencing.

I've remarked a few times lately how I wish we humans living in 2009 had the medical capabilities of the Star Trek people.  On that show, if they sent you to Sick Bay, the doctor ran some kind of gadget over your body and voila!  Instant diagnosis.  It's your kidneys.  It's your stomach.  It's your gall bladder.  Nope, no such luck for us.  You visit a doctor, they push down on your stomach and ribs and---no clue as to what's causing your pain.  Lots of guesses, but nothing concrete.  So what happens next?  Tests!  Lots of tests.  Blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds.

All I know is my ribs hurt and my back hurts.  Why?  I don't know.  Perhaps my husband is accidentally elbowing or kneeing me in the back at night.  Maybe I'm sleepwalking and go outside and fall down the steps over and over again.  Perhaps space aliens keep whisking me off to their spaceship at night to perform various probes on me, then deposit me back into my bed none the wiser.

Sigh.  In a few days I'll go have my tests and perhaps I'll have some answers.  Until then I'm gonna need some muscle rub, pain killers and maybe a shot of whiskey.

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  1. We've visiting a beautiful place much like that in Colorado before. Lovely!

    I hope they can quickly figure out what's ailing you. No one should have to go through undiagnosed pain. Good luck! And keep us posted.