Monday, March 2, 2009

Lover's Prey

When her head tilts to one side,
revealing a white neck
poised and vulnerable,
He fingers back some loose strands
of soft hair and moves his lips
into the target zone,
riddling her neck
with nerve-tingling kisses.

She breathes in,
lets out a shudder.
He knows her weak point
and finds it every time.
She turns to meet his lips,
his hungry eyes--
And once again becomes
her lover's prey.


  1. oh!
    what a find, Kathy!

    Lover's Prey is very, very nice!
    wow - great writing!


  2. Thank you, Chuck, for the compliments and for commenting/becoming a follower.

    Most of my blog posts are prose, but I decided to throw in a poem. It's very hard to get poetry published, so I thought I could at least share something with readers here.