Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Home

And so another business bites the dust.  My favorite hair salon I've frequented for the past 10 years is going out of business.  I drove by yesterday greeted by a sign: For Lease.  The owner had sent me a letter back in November, alerting all of her loyal customers about the closing.  Hard times, slow business, so regrettably she was closing her doors.  

And I was a loyal customer at this safe haven, spending a relaxing hour or so sitting in the comfy chair while my stylist worked on my hair.  It was more than just a haircut or coloring; it was a time to chit chat with Nicole, have a few laughs, and read a few magazines under the dryer to find out what Britney, Lindsay and Jessica were up to these days.  (always good for a laugh)

But then Nicole decided to leave and that was quite depressing.  She knew me so well and knew exactly what to do to make my hair look its best.  She was my friend as well as my stylist.  I still miss her.  I continued to visit the salon and tried to make friends with my new stylist.

So now I'll have to find a new hair salon.  I'm sure I can find one, but it won't be the same.  Ten years establishing a rapport with someone/someplace, then leaving your cozy home and getting booted out in the cold.

Another business bites the dust.  And another customer searches for a new home.

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