Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

It's four days 'til Christmas
and all through my house
Not a youngster is stirring,
not even my spouse.

They're asleep in their beds
just as snug as can be,
I'm the only one up,
yup, just me and my tree.

So I glance out the window
and what do I see?
Not something I wished for,
don't want it, not me.

It's that four-letter word
people whisper 'round here,
'Cause to say it out loud
makes them reach for a beer.

Yes, it's SNOW!  Here it comes
falling down from the sky!
All my plans are now history,
I'm bumming, am I.

Can't go do some shopping,
can't visit my mom,
Don't tell me to chill out,
I just can't be calm!

I'm stuck in this house
and the walls will close in,
Yes, claustrophobia's
sure to begin.

I guess I'll just write down
these thoughts on the screen,
After all, I'm a writer,
Ya know what I mean?

Ah, I'm feeling much better
and all through my house,
The youngsters are stirring,
including my spouse!

And they hear me exclaim
as I'm typing away:
Merry Christmas to all!
and to all a good day!

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