Saturday, November 29, 2008

Waiting In Line

Cash.  So simple.  So easy.  But somehow disappearing in the exchange for goods.

It's so fortunate that customers in front of me in line cannot know what I'm thinking.  As I stand there waiting for them to push all the right buttons in those little boxes in front of the cash registers, it's all I can do to wait patiently and resist the urge to poke them on the shoulder and yell, "Use CASH!!!  Cash is fast!  No buttons required.  You just whip it out of your wallet, hand it to the cashier, get your change back, take your purchase and leave."

And if someone were to say, "But I don't carry any cash on me," well then they'd just be out of luck.  I'd say, "Okay, too bad.  You're out of here.  Next!"

Now it might happen that I'd be the ONLY customer carrying cash.  That'd be okay.  I'd just go to  the front of the line, pay for my purchases, grab my stuff and go.  And leave all the rest of them punching numbers into that box to their heart's content.

That's my fantasy.  A day when the cashier makes this announcement:  "Anyone who has cash to pay for their items come to the front of the line.  You're first.  No sense making you wait behind people who are clogging up the line."

It's either that or I'm staying out of stores for good.


  1. Ooh, I hope you don't get stuck behind me in line! :P

    And what a fantastic blog name!!

  2. I guess I was a little peeved when I wrote that blog entry.

    Thanks, Janna. "bloggles" instead of boggles. I can't resist a pun!