Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'll pass on passwords

I'm about to pass out with all these passwords.  I've created so many in the past few days I don't know how I'll remember them all.  Yes, I've written them down, stored them away like a good little girl.  But little scraps of paper have a way of getting lost, falling through the cracks.

It's a modern world we live in and here I am trying to keep up with the times.  Everybody's blogging it seems.  I resisted for a long, long time.  But resistance is futile.  Everybody has an opinion, wants to be heard, read--wants their ideas and opinions considered, pondered.

But back to passwords.   I know what they're used for, I understand their purpose.  But they drive me crazy anyway!  A password for this, a password for that. Pretty soon you'll need one for everything.  Want to get some clothes out of your bureau?  Punch in the password first.  Want that cereal box out of the cupboard?  Password please.  Want to hit the sack for a quick snooze or maybe something else?  Not without the password.

We're a high-tech world now.  I live in a high-tech house.

Excuse me now.  I have to go log off of half a dozen sites I'm logged onto.

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