Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Houses Have Personalities

I like to look at houses from the street. I find them fascinating. When I'm out taking my walks I check out homes--the colors, windows, fences, yards, flowers--everything that makes each home unique. I try to imagine who lives within the walls; is it a couple? Old or young? A family? Little kids or older ones? A single person? There are some indications if one tries to find them.

For instance, a little tricycle adorning the front lawn. Or perhaps parked in the middle of the driveway. A skateboard tossed aside, a small pool, a trampoline in the back yard. All of these things would suggest children live here.

And then there are the houses and yards not so obvious. Who lives here? That's a little game I like to play. Just out of my own innocent curiosity, mind you. I'm a writer; I'm curious. It's not really any of my business, but it interests me. There are some people who are quite talented at decorating their houses and property, making them attractive to the eye. Others put less effort into it for various reasons. Perhaps they can't afford to repaint or fix up their houses and yards. Or perhaps they don't care. Simplicity is also a possibility. For some home owners it's what's on the inside that counts.

Houses have personalities. I've posted a few houses for you to examine. Maybe you can guess who lives inside them.


  1. I love making up scenerios about who lives in houses. It's a great mental writing exercise.

  2. Hi LZ! The 3 I posted are actually on my street so I know who lives there. One of the 3 is my house.

  3. Ooo... absolutely!
    Great observations!

    And the stories
    of those within
    the unique walls!


  4. I do the same thing, though I don't imagine who lives in it, I feel like I am the house. I capture the soul of the house, and feel enamorated with it immediatetly as my sense wanders in all of what it is. It happens when I am exposed and open to it most of the time. It is a wonderful to discover these personalities isn't it. I am glad that you enjoy being at one with them too. :) Nice to drop by. (truelyana from AW)

  5. Hi Kathy, I really enjoyed your pictures and your post. You are absolutely right. Houses have personalities. I'm glad I found your blog. I found it because you were the only one who agreed with me on a comment that I posted regarding a friend who received a patronizing and demeaning FORM letter from a publisher. You were the only one who understood the point that I was trying to make. Everyone else seemed to question the veracity of the form letter or simply thought that my friend was extremely sensitive and should "get over it." Thanks for making me feel like I wasn't a total idiot for posting the comment. Nice to meet you!


  6. Hi Kathy, I read your message at AW and tried to write back, but it didn't go through...so I'm writing you here.

    It is so great to meet you! I was truly surprised with the nasty way that most people responded. They don't have to think like me or like my friend (the recipient of the form letter) but again, I was surprised that many insisted that I was exaggerating and that my friend was extra sensitive and should "move on!" I wish I could have posted the exact wording of the letter but when I asked my friend for it, she told me that she had torn that form letter into tiny pieces and had thrown it away. I don't blame her. Most form letters are very appropriate. Basically, they just say "we've decided to pass on your work and wish you success placing your work elsewhere. I find that completely fine. And I have nothing against editors who write a rejection letter with a couple of helpful tips. I just thought this was really rude and decided to post it. Next time, I'll think about posting anything. Thanks again, for being brave enough to give your opinion. I'm glad I've made a new friend. I'll be following your post. It's wonderful! Maggie

  7. Hi Maggie,

    Yes, I knew what you were trying to tell us about that letter. It came across very clear to me. It's not the fact that your friend's work got rejected, it was the way she was rejected.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you're here.


  8. Hi Kathy,

    I love the houses on your street. Be thankful you live in a place with such personality. I grew up in such a place, but now live in a developed, gated community where every house looks the same. Try making up stories here. You'd end up with the same one 755 times over. Except when a new paint color appears. Then the fireworks fly.

    I like your blog.

  9. Hi Matt,

    Yes, I am very thankful I live here. My first apartment was in the worst city in our state. My next one was only a small step up. It took 12 years for us to be able to afford a house.

    Thanks for the thumbs up on my blog! I appreciate that.

  10. Maybe it's a by-product of what I write, but while most homes I see as cozy things for families or fascinating pieces of real estate/architecture... Part of me is also always wondering what dark secrets the house has seen and/or holds. Thanks for articulating the idea of houses having personalities.

  11. Hey Boston!

    Nice to see you visiting.

    Yes, you're right. Some houses have an air of mystery/darkness about them. Who knows what's going on behind those closed doors?