Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture this!

blurry I don't know what
floral collection
boats on the bay
flowers and flag
sunflowers are us

I took a walk the other day with my trusty digital camera accompanying me.  The mission was to seek out lovely, interesting, or unusual images to photograph.  My own yard is devoid of flowers at this time.  It's just the timing; end of August seems to be end of summer/almost fall, so my yard is at that in-between time.  Our flowers seem to spring up in early spring, then disappear after a few weeks, not to be seen again until next year.

So my only option was to search for flowers in other people's yards.  I've posted them here with little captions so you can see what I found.  I particularly like the one called "blurry I don't know what" because I truly don't know what it is.  But that's the fun of it.  See if you can figure out what's in that picture.  It's good for the imagination!

Note:  If you click on a picture, it should show you the larger version.


  1. Great pics! LOL I don't know what the blurry one is. ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

  2. Very pretty!

    Is it a potato chip bag? I see blue, so maybe, like, salt and vinegar? LOL

  3. LW: thanks!

    Jessica: I enjoyed your blog very much. Thanks for visiting mine.

    Janna: That might be it! I think when I saw it I was trying to show the litter I found lying around outside.

  4. Great Pix! That sounds like a fun project to do with my kids too!

  5. It was a lot of fun. I like taking pics in the fall, too--lots of pretty foliage and sometimes I take pics of people's Halloween displays.