Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Smile for the camera if you can
or don't 
if your smile reveals some tinsel
better left hidden.
It was a black and white era
of shyness, timid glances
and awakening sexuality,
a time to hide behind glasses,
turtleneck sweaters
or the Christmas tree itself.

Daddy's gone now
and so are his cameras,
and in their place
computer screens
and digital, color, instant pics
that I can access with a click
and send them into cyberspace.

My sisters are no longer
black and white children
but full color women
with beauty parlor hair,
high heels and low-cut,
stylish dresses
as they dance around the seasons.

And now I smile
a camera-ready smile,
polished and rehearsed,
no longer fearful.
Yesterday is just a ghost
of the girl I used to be.


  1. Nice poem, Kathy. :)

    (Second from the left in both?)


  2. Thanks, Adam.

    Nope. I am third from the left in the black and white photo. Second from left in the color pic. (that was taken on my wedding day--so it's a number of years ago) I like the pic because all my sisters look happy, kicking up their heels.

  3. They're both nice pics. :-)

    1 outta 2 ain't bad!

  4. Beautiful words. And I love the photos, Kathy.

  5. Adam--thanks. Yes, 1 out of 2 guesses, not bad. I should have made a contest out of it. That would have been interesting.

    Janna--thank you. I'm finally learning how to scan pictures onto my computer.