Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Secret Room

A bare room.  Starting over.  What is the essence of a room without color, carpeting, curtains, and the furniture and possessions that make it personal, make it come alive to the person who dwells within it?

It's like the artist's blank canvas, staring back at her beckoning and begging to come alive.  Which colors will she select?  Which strokes of her brush are the right ones? Which tones will convey the right blend of warmth, creativity and coziness?

Our lives are similar to this empty room, blank canvas.  Sometimes we think the "furniture" can't be rearranged, can't be moved, or we're afraid to lift up a "carpet", fearing what lies beneath.

I used to have this recurring dream where I was back in my former apartment, living on the third floor which contained four rooms.  Only in this dream, I'm walking through the apartment and I discover a fifth room!  A new room, a different room, a room I've never seen before.  I get all excited when I find it, wondering how it came to be and why I'd never known it was there. So what does it mean?

I think the dream is about possibilities.  There is something there waiting to be discovered in our lives, but it's invisible until we're ready to see it.  It's like a secret room, waiting to be furnished in whatever style or fashion we choose.

I know there are some things I still want to do.  It's time to take my paint brush and get busy painting!

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  1. wow... Kathy!
    love the dream of the 5th room!
    that is soo powerful! poetic!

    go there.