Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring--it's making summer boring!

It's July.  And it's raining out.  We've had a lousy summer weather-wise so far.  But sooner or later the sun is bound to come out and stay out.  I've also been under the weather health-wise, so I could use a little sunshine to make me feel better.

So what do you like to do when it's summertime?
a. Cookouts
b. go to the beach and play in the waves
c. sit outside and read a good book
d. concentrate on getting a tan
e. work on the great American novel (or poetry, plays, non-fiction)

Let me know how you like to spend the summer.

Meanwhile, I'll be posting pictures of my rain-soaked bushes outside my front door.


  1. You didn't post "f. All of the above." :)

    We've had some sun. At least I think it was the sun. Some orangey-yellowish thing in the sky.

    ("stormie" at AW)

  2. a. read.
    b. read
    c. blog.
    d. read

    I don't go to the beach. Too many people. Scaree peeple!!! I think I'll go to the library today.

    (ps: good idea not giving up foods you like. I can't believe the things people do in the name of losing weight... like give up pasta? That's just so wrong. Pasta is good.)