Sunday, January 11, 2009

You say you want a resolution...

I've been working on my New Year's resolutions.  I know, I know.  People never keep them so why bother making them, right?

Well, maybe there is a good reason.  I figure if I write them down here in this blog, I can keep coming back to make sure I stay on track.  It's worth a shot.  So, without further ado...

In 2009 I resolve to...
1. Read more books.  I am already keeping this one.  Have now read two novels this month.  My goal will be to read at least one novel per month.
2. Finish each writing project I start no matter long it is meant to be.
3. Stay on track with my healthy eating and exercising.
4. Seek out new writing markets.
5. Encourage my family members to be more self-sufficient which includes saying no to their requests that often eat up my time.
6. Volunteer somewhere.

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