Friday, January 30, 2009

Weighing in on Jessica

Poor Jessica Simpson.  The girl gains a little weight and boy is she getting beat up in the media.

She looks just fine to me.  I would not describe her new look as fat.  She's got big boobs, curvy hips, great legs, nice hair, nice skin, nice smile.  What's not to love?

Why is it that female celebrities have to maintain a certain look, a certain weight in order to measure up to Hollywood's idea of attractive?  Male celebrities seem to be able to pack on a few pounds without losing their desirability.  John Travolta is not the svelte guy he was in Saturday Night Fever and yet still has his fans.  Plenty of actors are not thin--Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, and Tom Hanks, to name a few--and yet they're big stars who get many of the leads in movies.

I don't get it.  Why the pressure on women to be thin? What's wrong with curves?  Jessica's boyfriend seems to like her this way.  And from what I've heard, Jessica likes herself this way, too.  She likes going out to dinner with her boyfriend and ordering tasty foods from the menu. Who wouldn't?  Salads aren't exactly scrumptious and get really boring and monotonous after a while.  Why shouldn't women be able to eat the same yummy foods men eat?

But I do wonder if more women are mocking Jessica's weight gain than men.  Maybe that's what it is.  Maybe it's jealous females who are secretly happy that Jessica is heavier now because they believe this will diminish her popularity.

Who knows?  I sure wouldn't want to be in the public eye like that, constantly scrutinized and photographed.  We all have our bad days, bad outfit choices, and bad moods.

Jessica seems to be smiling through it all, so you've gotta give her credit for that.

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