Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

(Adding onto this today, January 15th)

Okay, it's cold.  It's really cold.  Can't go outside without a coat, gloves and hat.  My skin is dry and itchy.  My hair has that electricity thing going for it.  If I go to touch something--ZAP! Shocking.  I try putting water on my hair to get it to sit down.  It sits down very briefly.  The next time I have to go outside, I first have to stick my hat on my head, so of course when I remove my hat, voila, the electricity is back!  Okay.  Forget it.  I either have to go hatless or just plan on spending the rest of the winter looking like Einstein.  Ever see his hair?

We used to have an Einstein poster in the kids' bedroom when they were little.  Why?  I have no idea.  My husband put it up.  I think he had this notion that staring at Einstein every day would somehow make the kids smarter.  And, come to think of it, it worked!

But back to winter.  I've never liked it.  So why do I live in New England?  Good question.  Because I was born here.  Because it's too expensive to move.  Yeah.  So it is simply a matter of toughing it out, dreaming of spring.  And dreaming of summer.

Sigh.  What is there to do but dream of summer.  Warm weather, flip flops, ice cream, blue skies, sandy beaches.  Sundresses, skimpy swimsuits, tank tops, sandals.  Sunshine.  I miss the sun.

Sigh.  I'm gonna find a cave and hibernate for a while.  I'll see you in the spring!


  1. Oh, me too, me too! The flip flops, especially. And my 3 year old talks DAILY about how she's ready for it to be warm again, so she can play in the pool and at the park. Why does it seem every winter drags on longer and longer?

  2. Thanks, Janna.

    I think this is one of the coldest, snowiest winters we've had in years.