Tuesday, March 2, 2010


>Well, in keeping with my New Year's resolutions, I did indeed sign up for piano lessons and had my first one today. I was very nervous. I haven't been a student for a long time.

I discovered I don't have too much trouble using my right fingers, but the left hand is a whole different matter. I don't have trouble TYPING with my left fingers, can hit that q key or z key without much difficulty. But piano keys? For some reason, my fingers do not want to cooperate.

I also found I needed to trim my nails when I got home. Long fingernails are not so good for piano playing. How come nobody tells you that?

So I'm off. I'm doing it. He gave me some exercises to practice at home and I shall practice. I am going to learn to play piano no matter what. Even if I break a nail. Even if arthritis warps my fingers. Even if my left fingers stubbornly refuse to stretch and bend over the keys.

And when I master the piano, I'm gonna learn to play the tuba.

(No, not really)


  1. Have fun with that Piano! I took lessons for six months when I was a kid. I didn't do so well with it. My Mom kept taking lessons into her seventies. Enjoy!

  2. I hope I do well. It really means a lot to me.

  3. That's so awesome Kathy! One of my dreams has always been to play the piano. I hope you enjoy it and that your left hand cooperates. :-)

  4. Good luck. I took piano for many years as a young child. I wish I had stuck with it. Now I want to take up piano again!

  5. They never tell you about the arthritis either. ;-)


  6. Are you going to play the piano and the tuba simultaneously? Cuz I would definitely pay to see that. :)

    Congrats on teaching an old dog new tricks. Not that you're a dog. It's just a saying. Besides, I love my dog. So it's a compliment really. OK, I'll shut up now.


  7. Thanks to everybody for your comments.

    Ha ha, tuba and piano at once! Why not.

  8. I'm pianist number1 in Indonesia , someone wanna hear ? gx gx gx