Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Winter Imagery

Winter is upon us in the northeast. Yesterday was a "snow day", with a blizzard predicted, but not much happened. Those weather guys blew it.

I decided to take a walk and snap some winter photos. There's not much of interest to photograph in winter. The trees are stripped naked and look lonely and empty. I did glimpse some frozen lakes with a touch of snow covering them. And just about everywhere squirrels bounced from tree to tree or scurried across my path in search of food or whatever squirrels do. I captured one or two on my camera.

I hope these photos will paint a picture for you of winter in my corner of the world.


  1. Love that squirrel pic!

    You live in a lovely area, Kathy. :)


  2. love the squirrels! How fun!!! I don't miss snow, living in Houston has it's advantages, though I would have loved a snow day! Guess I need to live on the east cost!

  3. I'm glad the weather was better than expected.
    :-) Looks like a nice day!

  4. Looks just like it does here. I'm ready for winter to be over!