Friday, January 22, 2010

What Do You Hear When You Stop to Listen?

I thought I would try something different today. I'm just going to sit here and record what I'm hearing. Just a little experiment to try tuning into my environment.

Outside noisy trash truck's brakes screeching to a halt. Trash cans bumping and scraping as they're emptied, then tossed back on the ground. Sounds are fading now as the truck makes it way around the block.

Inside: oil burner kicks on, hums steadily. Crackling sounds emanate from the baseboards as heat is passing through them.

Outside: a dog barks at something unseen to me. On my roof, the sound of little feet scurrying across the surface. Squirrels no doubt.

Another truck outside. Glass shattering as it's emptied onto other glass.

Try this experiment yourself. Take about ten minutes when you can, sit at your computer, listen to the sounds around you and write down what you hear. I think it's a good exercise for writers. If you come up with some sentences that sound particularly good, use them in your work in progress.


  1. Inside: Gary Moore making his electric guitar sing, the hum of my PC, the clack of my keyboard, the crack of my bones, and the groan of my radiator warming up.

    Outside: Birds singing to the sunset, very light traffic noise, the wind.

    Fun! :D


  2. See, that was really good.

    I think I'm going to do this exercise every day.

  3. Yes, this is a great exercise for writers!

    I hear...the hum of my computer. And the babbling words of my 2 year old son in another room.

    PS: Thanks, always, for your thoughts and comments on my blog. For you.

  4. All I can hear is my husband's annoying fish tank. *grin*

    Cool exercise!

  5. Terresa: you're welcome

    Jessica: Good--fish tank. Now what does it sound like?