Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The trees are getting hit hard by constant snow. All weighed down with snow on their shoulders, they are bending and breaking under the weight.

And I think a lot of us humans are feeling the same way about now. Every day we look at the ground, look at the sky, and wonder what's next. How much more can we take?

I am trying to find happiness in good books, good movies and anything that takes me away from the winter blues.

So how about you? Do you like winter? Snow?

If you do like it, tell me why.



  1. A couple of pretty days of snow are fine by me, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm so ready for Spring!

  2. Hi, Kathy, I first learned of your blog on another blog that was discussing the macing of the baby squirrel recently. You said "I can't see the need to mace a baby squirrel." Good answer.

    I am not that crazy about winter.
    The building I work in is unheated, and a couple of my co-workers suffered frostbite.
    It was pretty rough for a while there.

    I have a blog at
    you may find it of interest, or maybe not :)

    I like what I've seen of your blog so far, and I will read it as often as possible.