Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hooray for the Arts!

Hi everybody!

I took a short break in September, but more posts will be forthcoming in October.

I was job-hunting and dealing with other issues during the past few weeks.  I also participated in a short film for my son's Filmmaking class in college.  He needed someone to play the monster. My daughter stepped in to play the cop after another actor dropped out. The whole filmmaking process was quite interesting, but very time-consuming. I understand much better now what is involved in setting up the shots. Actors need to very patient while the director is working on the lighting, camera angles, and other factors such as cars and people not wanted in the scene.  It's not easy to get everything right.  The first evening we ran into technical difficulties, it got dark in the park, and the park rangers told us we had to leave.  Oh well.  We returned the following evening to finish up.

I thought my son did a great job for his first short film.  Three minutes goes by fast, but not when you're filming.  Lots of footage got cut, but that's what film editing is all about.  He dubbed in some sound effects and scary music which helped create a scary atmosphere.

All of my three kids are pursuing their passions--film directing, music directing, and coincidentally writing and art, my two interests. I wouldn't have it any other way.  When skeptics and naysayers argue: "Oh, those aren't good fields to go into for jobs", I blow them a mental raspberries.  Life is short.  My parents were stuck in jobs they hated for most of their lives and it wasn't until they were retired that they actually, finally fulfilled their lifelong passions.

I fully support my children's interests as I happen to be a strong supporter of the arts.  The world would be a dull place indeed without music, art, films and literature.

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