Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing my new blog

Hi everybody!

I'm still keeping this blog, but today I'm starting up a new one.

It's called A Daily Dose of Comfort, and the plan is to start each day with an inspirational quote to keep readers feeling upbeat and positive.  For years I wrote greeting card sentiments and only recently I've started getting back to that market. I truly feel we need motivation and inspiration these days to stay on the right track and keep going forward.

So, this blog, It Bloggles The Mind, will be a place for me to speak my mind on current events, happenings, and what's new in my world; my new blog will be a place for you to stop by if you need some words of encouragement and inspiration.  And of course, you can leave a comment if you want!

The blog address is:


  1. well, I've given your old blog an award! You don't want it to feel bad about itself, do you?! :) come to mah blog, little girl, I have sweets for you....

  2. Thank you, bl! I'll stop by.

  3. I really love the blog idea! I will definitely visit both blogs. Good luck on getting into the greeting card market!

  4. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for your comments.

    I should clarify that I wrote greeting cards for over 20 years. The GC market has been steadily dissolving over the years due to prices and the Internet (e-cards). But I think there has been an upsurge in possible sales and a better economy.

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