Monday, May 3, 2010

Finding The Fun

I went to see You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown yesterday afternoon. The auditorium was filled with lots of children and their parents along with a number of senior citizens. My kids are young adults now, so one of them sat next to me during the performance while the other two were seated down in the orchestra pit since they were part of the orchestra.  It was a different kind of experience for me as a parent; normally I'd be watching one of my kids up there on the stage.

I loved listening to the songs, some familiar, some not.  I grew up watching and reading Charlie Brown stories and sat watching videos with my own kids.  I smiled as You're a Good Man played out on the stage, thinking back to the many times I tuned in to A Charlie Brown Christmas or any of the various holiday specials. I do miss the childhood fun with my kids. These days we're all adults and life is always so busy, hectic and sometimes lacking in fun or just plain spontaneity. Kids always seem to find the joy and humor in life. I know I've gotten awfully serious in my fifties and I really need to stop and laugh or go out and smell the roses. I want to find that funny girl I used to be.

So take some time to find the child in you today. What made you laugh? What silly things did you do in the past? What silly songs did you sing?


  1. Great post! I need to remember to find my inner child. Likely I'll spend too much time on my kid's swing set and forget to push them!

  2. We all need to swing on a swing!

  3. I know what you're saying about not having time. Lately time has me. I haven't had a chance to read the book you sent me yet, but it's on my list. Thanks again. One thing I have read - Winnie the Pooh came pre-loaded on my new iPad. It's been great fun reading the original, non-disnified version. What a strange mind A.A. Milne had. It does bring out the kid in me.