Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enjoy the Ride

Life is a carousel ride. Choose your horse and climb aboard. Pick a pretty one or one that's just the right size for you. Hold on tightly as the ride starts up and spins you 'round and 'round. For once you're strapped in, there's no stopping, no getting off no matter what.

Life will take you where it wants to go. Close your eyes and listen to the music as your body's lifted up and down. Open your eyes and scan the beautiful sights flying by--rivers, grass, trees, children, babies in buggies.

When the ride is over, time has slipped away. You are still you, but older now. This carousel ride can be fun, exciting, scary, adventurous, short or long. But the length of the ride is not what matters; it's the ride itself.

Let's try to enjoy the ride!


  1. I blogged about enjoying the ride, too, this week. It's a crazy one, but I don't want to miss a minute of it!! Great post!

  2. I like your analogy very much, setting aside my secret fear of carousels, and all. ;)
    But you are right, life must be ridden, 'til the very end.

  3. Thanks Kathy. A great analogy to the importance of paying attention to the journey. A good reminder. With that, I'm off to take a walk in the sunshine!

  4. Let's all go take a walk in the sunshine.

  5. Great analogy. You really got me thinking. Sorry I didn't get to this post sooner. I was away from the internet for most of the weekend. I tried to catch up today, but I must have missed this one. Take care!